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Commerce On the Internet
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What a Web Presence Can Do For Your Company
What Can We Do For Your Company?
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Commerce on the Internet

  • There were over 300 million Internet users worldwide at the end of 1999. This number is expected to grow at least fivefold by the year 2002.
  • The typical web surfer is between the ages of 18-35 with an average age of 31.
  • The average Internet surfer spends nearly 5-1/2 hours per week "on-line."
  • About 25% of web surfers earn in excess of $80,000 annually. Fifty percent are professional managers and 64% have at least a college degree.
  • In 1995, revenues created through the Internet generated over $2.2 billion in the United States. By the year 2000, revenues increased fifty-fold to over $100 billion.

Your Business on the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web provides a user-friendly interface to the information available on the Internet and is extremely powerful in how it presents this information. It also serves as a two-way door where people can send information just as easily as they can receive it. This creates an interactive environment where you can:

  • Sell Merchandise.
  • Expand marketing outreach inexpensively.
  • Promote your business and communicate directly with customers.
  • Make sales at very low cost.
  • Take advantage of skyrocketing awareness and use of the Internet.
  • Become familiar with marketing and selling via an electronic media.
  • Establish a corporate image as an innovator.

What A Web Presence Can Do for Your Company

A properly designed page will complement your current advertising and will give you increased flexibility in distributing information. In general terms, a web site will make it easier to promote what you do in an attractive manner.

The Internet is the great equalizer. An effectively designed web site can make small companies look large. Your site size will be determined by how much information you want to provide to your customers. The key is to provide your information and services to the consumer in an appealing way and to offer something that keeps them coming back to your site, whether it is new information or products. Combining an effective advertising campaign and an attractive, informative web site can greatly increase the business you are doing.


What We Can Do For Your Company

  • Complete Web Site design packages.
  • Custom artwork and art production.
  • Graphic design and custom content creation of your site.
  • Creation of animated clip art.
  • Maintain and remodel your site as necessary.
  • Host your site on the latest and most powerful NT servers available over multiple DS-3 connections on separate and diverse backbones.
  • Training/Support for your site.
  • SSL secure server allowing you to conduct safe, encrypted transactions on the Internet.

Web Site Expenses

Monthly hosting expenses are based upon storage requirements and site traffic. Your quarterly fee will be determined once your site design is complete.

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